Brokerage and Advisory Services
As a market leader in Southwest Michigan, the Lo Company offers a full range of commercial and residential real estate brokerage services to property owners, tenants and buyers. The depth of knowledge and experience of our brokerage team enables us to complete transactions accurately, quickly and efficiently.
Each assignment and every client has the unqualified commitment of The Lo Company to focus all necessary resources and personnel to meet the mutual objectives as to pricing, process, and timing. We provide a broadly diversified expertise to satisfy our clients objectives.
Commercial Expertise Residential/Multi-Family Expertise
  • Office Properties
  • Retail Properties
  • Land Services
  • Management
  • Single Family
  • Multi-Family
  • Condominium
  • Land Development
Accurate timely information is essential to every successful transaction. The Lo Company carefully evaluates and interprets all elements influencing a potential acquisition. Buyers can approach each opportunity confident that they possess all salient information essential to making an informed decision. Market dynamics are considered from every point of view:
  • Demographics
  • Market position
  • Trends
  • Financing
  • Exit strategy
An experienced full-time office specialist will work closely with you to assist in making recommendations and offering consultation. At the Lo Company we believe that an informed buyer is the best buyer.
Proper underwriting is essential to successfully marketing real estate. Again, accurate timely information is the key. Every seller is looking for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of worry and inconvenience. To increase efficiency, we will devote extensive time and effort up front to avoid irritating pitfalls like:
  • Untimely delays in transactions
  • Re-trading of price and terms
Your property will be presented to the market in the best possible light, with a strategy that insures maximum exposure on a targeted basis to qualified prospects.
Tenant Representation
The Lo Company will manage the tenant representation process from the initial consultative stage through the actual completion of the move:
  • Development of real estate requirements
  • Survey of market and selection of most qualified properties
  • Solicitation of Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Technical, economic and subjective analysis of selected properties
  • Negotiation and establishment of leasehold interest
Seller Representation
We believe the key to obtaining the highest possible price in the shortest period of time for your building is to identify and target specific companies of appropriate size and compatible business activity that fit the subject real estate and which are located within specific geographic areas throughout the metropolitan and regional market. To achieve the greatest potential, we will:
  • Identify the highest number of prospective buyers
  • Target marketing approach
  • Follow-up by personal contact
Build to Suit Representation
The Lo Company will manage the build to suit process from the initial consultative stage through the actual construction of the project including:
  • Analytical comparison of lease vs. own
  • Occupancy costs