OREO Servicing
Whether you are a local, regional, or national lending institution, the Lo Company provides a "Central Broker Program" service that consolidates the flow of information on multiple properties in multiple locations, enabling lending institutions to close a high volume of transactions with ease and organization.

We can save your institution money, time and hassle by outsourcing some or all of your OREO Manager's duties.

The Lo Company works exclusively with banking institutions to ensure properties are professionally managed, repaired and maintained with one simple goal; to maximize resale results. Our company handles all your valuation, management and brokerage needs.

We are keenly aware of the current economic conditions and will only recommend fundamental repairs, thereby keeping your expenses at a minimum. All repairs will be done strictly by bank approval.

Foreclosure Process
  • Market Valuations, BPO's, CMA's
  • Brokerage
  • Asset Management
  • Site visits
  • Property Securitization/Stabilization
  • Coordination of transfer of utilities
  • Winterization, repairs and maintenance
  • Lease up
  • Coordination of the eviction process
Purchase and Sales Process
  • Tracking of all showing activity and feedback
  • Immediate submission of all offers
  • Offer summary and Sellers Net
  • Coordination with title through closing
  • Broker recommendations for counter offer and response
  • Price adjustment monitoring and recommendations
  • "OREO Summary Report" A detailed report of Active/Pending Sales